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Pablo Alvarez

Hi Paul, Terry Wolverton posted on your fb story link that I should read "Writing a Story for You." The writing you offer fuels me to keep writing. I'm writing my dissertation on Gil Cuadros, Laura Aguilar, Osa Hidalgo de La Riva, and queer Latinx folks who continue to be at the front lines of AIDS activism. The final image of the muddy soaked white socks and the flinging of trash bags caught my own words on fire. Thank you for offering this writing. I hope we can connect and stay connected. Terry tells me that you were in the writing workshop with Gil. I have often found or heard your name throughout my own writing and reading of Gil's work. We just celebrated the 25th anniversary of Gil's City of God. I would love to tell you about our celebrations regarding City. And I would love to share stories with you. Sending you love from Los Angeles. Sincerely, Pablo


Thank you, Pablo, we should be in contact now... I envy you your work! We'll talk. I also teach and write on AIDS and have often referred to Gil's work, so... Paul


Paul - visceral, powerful words. Reid sounds beautiful. I can read your love and passion. Thank you, Brother.


I'm Reid's niece. I love seeing his life live on in your writing. I search his name on occasion, he died less than a year after I was born, and would love to connect with you. Please email me at [email].

Kim T. MacDermotRoe

Hi Paul,

I was a classmate and friend of Reid’s at Princeton. Like Brittany, I sometimes search for Reid on the internet and I was very pleased to find your piece.

I met Reid when he was working at the circulation desk of Princeton’s Firestone Library. We talked about Reid’s interest in Russian literature and how in his translation exercises he had to get beyond mere transliteration. The trick, he said, was to find the right English words that would preserve the Russian author’s sentiment.

The chance meeting led to a friendship and we would get together from time to time. Reid was charming, funny and as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. I enjoyed his company very much. Knowing Reid was one of my best memories of college.

I tried to stay in contact after graduation, but our directions were so different that we lost touch. I remained on the East Coast and became a New Yorker while Reid went West.

In recent years, I have become aware of two important facets of our life experience. First, everyone we meet we were meant to meet. And second, time is not linear. So I look forward to seeing Reid again.



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